Chuck Owen's memory drawer

The baseball team

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This is another (see groundbreaking for another) photo from Chuck Owens' "Memory drawer" and provided to us by Dee (Owens) Benson.

Mike Gray "ironed it" with his photo-doctoring software to remove some creases that happened while the photo was in the drawer.

Do you know what year this photo was taken? Do you know what team this was?

Mike thinks this was some kind of youth baseball league, maybe an American Legion team. He's sure it wasn't a PHS activity.

Mike recognized the following folks. Do you? In alphabetical order:

Bob Bemis pitched in with this info in response to the challenge. "The first guy in the picture is a coach.........the guy to the right of Vernon Burlingame is that coaches son. The guy to the right of Martin Rank is Gary Brock. The guy next to Brock is another coach. The first guy in the front row is this coaches son. If you have the names of the coaches, you can figure out the names of the two sons. The other guys are younger classmen."

Wayne Anderson volunteered that the Johnny in the picture was Johnny Harris. "I agree on the names and can add the last name of Johnny Harris. he played for Lockheed in the Pony League in the summer of 56. I know, he struck me out a lot of times."

Bob then added some more information. "Can't remember the name of the team for sure-could have been something like Barrett Painting. We played in Littlerock. I believe Barrett's dad was a house painting contractor. Yes ,Johnny Harris is correct. Looked through my 56 Yearbook, but couldn't identify any of the other guys-my 59 yearbook was swiped on the last day of school. Perhaps I can look through yours at the 50th and come up with some more names."

Dick Boudreau reported in and added the following. "Best I can make of it, I think it's a rag tag summer league all star team. Probably around the summer of '58 or '59. If I remember right, Johnny Harris and I played for the Sun Village team ( note the same uniform ), most of the others played for either Littlerock, Pearblossom or Palmdale. Then we were chosen to play an All Star team from Lancaster. Johnny Harris was the starting pitcher and I believe we won the game. Those were our uniforms. Some of the missing. Next to Bongionanni is Dave Barrett. Just to the left of Johnny, I believe is Gary Conrad and standing next to Martin Rank is another picture from Littlerock whose first name is Gary but I can't remember his last name. I did this with out the aid of a year book. If I can find an old one somewhere, I'm sure I can add some more names, as some of the faces are familiar."

Pat Hagan identified Gerry Albrigo class of 61 as the player kneeling next Johnny Harris.

If you click on Biggest picture(96k bytes) I have labeled this photo with the information provided by our reporters.