Starting Palmdale High

at that "other" school

I don't recall any classes at the Fairgrounds although I know that happened at some point. But they didn't isolate the Palmdale bound students at the Fairgrounds.

They did attempt to keep us in our own classes but invariably due to scheduling problems there were some Lancaster students that dribbled into our classes and some of us ended up in classes full of students that would eventually graduate from AV.

Those of us who had been in the Valley for awhile were fans of AV High, particulary if we had older siblings or older kids in our neighborhood who all went there. So we didn't feel any negativity toward AV, at least at first, but that wasn't a reciprocated situation.

Mike Gray, 1959

I always told people that we were stuffed into AVJUHS for our freshman year of 1955-56.

I was too shy and so being in that large school was a bit overwhelming to me after being in nothing but small schools.

Barbara (Bate) Jacobson, 1959

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