The first year at Palmdale High

We started on the new campus in the fall of 1956. One way I am sure about this can be traced to Don Larsen, Yankee pitcher.

In those early fall days of 1956, they would take us by bus from the High School up to Courson Park Pool for PE. I don't know if we ever went swimming or not, but I do remember that they had a small TV, B&W of course, sitting on a table in the center of the pool entrance building tuned to the World Series.

The Yankees were playing the Dodgers and I can vividly remember standing there when Don Larsen faced the final batter in the only perfect game ever pitched in the World Series!

And that took place in 1956.

Mike Gray, 1959

A couple of thoughts about 1956-57 (our first year in Palmdale High School) have stayed with me over the years.

First of all, the school was still being built and since the classrooms were not finished, we started that year with some of us in buses, some in churches, some on park lawns and others in the gymnasium that had been divided by cardboard boxes into more than one classroom. I heard tell that some of our classmates enjoyed making paper airplanes and sailing them over the top of the boxes into the next room.

When we finally did get moved into classrooms, it was sometimes hard to hear the teacher because of all the construction that was going on.

The other memory is of having no upperclassmen for three full years. Did we feel like hot shots, or what?!

Barbara (Bate) Jacobson, 1959

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